Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Events ~ April 12 - 18

I've been a little (OK, a LOT) lax with this lately and need to get started up again. I really like this idea as it puts me back in touch with ancestors I sometime forget ~ people not in my direct line.

April 12, 1840 ~ My great-great-grand Uncle William RITCHIE was born in Blebo Craig, Fife, Scotland. An exciting note about this relative is that I've just had a contact from someone still living in Scotland whose husband is a direct descendant of William. YEAH!!

April 15, 1879 ~ My nieces' & nephew's great-great Grandfather, the Reverend Enoch Melvin MOUSER was born in Magnolia, Arkansas.

April 16, 1919 ~ My great-great Grandmother, Hellen LUMSDEN died in Inverurie, Scotland. I posted her gravestone previously here.

April 18, 1823 ~ Anna SCHENK, who I believe to be my 5th great Grandmother, died in Langnau, Berne, Switzerland.


  1. I enjoy finding corresponding birthdays etc. of my ancestors that match our family ones today. Finding out that your 7th Great Grandmother and you share a birthday for instance.

  2. Hi Lori ~
    Yes ~ that's what makes it fun for me as well! I need to add more of my cousins to my database so I see even more of those "matches". :-)

  3. I love this sort of post! I am addicted to timelines for my kith 'n kin. I can almost "hear" my nieces rolling their eyeballs at me when I happen to "mention" on the phone that, "Oh, by the way, today happens to be the day your 3rd great-grandma was dragged to death by the hair of her head!" :)

  4. I had to laugh about the eye-roll comment! My whole blog is based on a comment from one of my nieces accompanied by an eye roll. I'm just hoping that they listen to our stories anyway. :-)


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