Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday ~ BENZIE, William & family

This week it was an easy choice. As I mentioned in my Sunday Random Relative post on Mary BENZIE, she came to the United States without her parents, who had remained in Scotland. So, today I picked her parent's gravestone in Inverurie.


William Benzie
In memory of this daughter
Barbara Shepherd
who died Nov 5, 1890
Aged 5 years & 10 months
Also his son William
Who died in infancy
And daughter Annie Leith
Died Oct 17, 1893
Aged 3 years & 5 months
His Wife
Helen Lumsden
Died April 16, 1919 aged 69 years
The said
William Benzie
Died March 3, 1922, aged 78 Years

What is even more special about this selection, is that I took the picture myself. In May, 2007 I had to opportunity to go to Scotland with my parents. We took a trip focused around the locations where my father's paternal grandparents had lived. Part of that trip took us to Inverurie.

I could probably spend a full year blogging just about that trip and all the wonderful things we saw. It is just truly amazing how those names on a chart can come to life when you see the churches and villages and start to imagine your ancestors there.

Here is a full picture showing my dad standing beside the stone.


  1. Diana, how wonderful to be able to take a trip like that. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it in upcoming blogs.


  2. Thanks Debbie - I took over 800 pictures! I should have enough gravestones to last me through a year of "Tombstone Tuesdays"!

  3. What a wonderful picture of your Dad!!!! You were really fortunate to be able to take a trip like that with your PARENTS! I've enjoyed reading about it!


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