Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why "Random Relatives"?

Let's face it, true genealogists don't want anything to be "random" about their relatives!! We would like them all to be neatly organized and categorized, not to mention properly cited. I know that I would and so have made 2009 my year to get my genealogy in order. Step one was starting this blog to document my efforts.

So then, why "Random Relatives"? It was named
after a comment made by my oldest niece when I offered to copy a photo for her to take
to college. The photo is one of her great-great-grandmother, Nelle Eickelberg and since niece #1 has (and loves) a pearl ring that originally belonged to Nelle, I thought this was a perfect present. Alas, not everyone (OK, not anyone) in my family shares my passion for vintage photos, trips to the cemetery and hours perusing census records.

The response to my generous offer, accompanied with a great eye roll, was, "Oh sure...I thou
ght I might want a picture of the family that I know and love but instead just give me a picture of some random relative that I never met!" Her mom and I just cracked up and a blog was born.
The "Random" part will be the pictures that I will upload. I will just pick whatever picture strikes my fancy that particular week. The (hopefully) organized part will be the research and data cleanup that I am pursuing and documenting here.


  1. I love the random relative you have posted now and I can't wait to see who you post next. Maybe now my relatives won't be so random (if I visit every week) I hope there won't be any quizzes though!

  2. Well hello there random relative who's pearl ring I was given on my sweet 16. And a big hello to you Dani!if there is to only be a "random relative a week I feel that implies that I only have to visit once a week because I just shouldn't say hello to a "random relative" seven times. So instead of the 365 comments you would have received we can pair it down to a manageable 56. How does that sound. If you feel unsatisfied with 56 I'm afraid to tell you there must post a new "random relative" everyday.

  3. That's a fabulous photo! Just beautiful. I love the title of your blog because it's really easy to remember! And let me tell you, we run into some relatives that seem really "random" don't we!!! I LOVE your blog. I feel like I really relate to you. Can't wait to see more!

  4. I'm agreeing with Becky, here! I'm new at blogging, too, and I was hoping that by blogging I would somehow be able to organize the many pictures and records I have been collecting. My problem, there is so much to share, choosing what to share, is my problem.
    I think being random is a great concept. :)

  5. Just stopped by to wish you a slightly-belated 1st blogiversary here at Randon Relatives ...


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