Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday ~ William Eickelberg

Minersville Hill Cemetery, Minersville, Ohio

William Eickelberg
Sept. 11, 1829
Jan. 16, 1893
63Y. 4 M. 5 D.

My mother and I went searching for this stone one day after a drive of more than 3 hours, most of it in the driving rain. We were visiting Wooster, Ohio which is in the northern part of the state. Minersville is down on the Ohio river - on the boarder with West Virginia. I decided I wanted to make the trip though because I didn't know when I'd ever be this close again. My Mom bravely volunteered to go with me!

Thanks to wonderful people who transcribe cemeteries, I had found a listing for this cemetery courtesy of the OhioGenWeb tombstone transcription project. I had no idea where the marker was or really even where the cemetery was. A query on the Meigs County list was answered by several helpful people who gave some great directions to the Historical Society as well as to the cemetery. It's fortunate they did because this cemetery is back a dirt road which you enter from the gravel road that is off the tiny paved road up from the river!

It was also wonderful that even though we had driven there in the pouring rain for the entire trip, when we actually got to Pomeroy - where we stopped first to do some research at the Historical Society - it had mostly stopped raining. By the time we found the cemetery it had completely stopped. The cemetery is very well kept in spite of its somewhat remote location. Here's the view from the gate.

William Eickelberg's stone is down and to the left - the last row before the trees. My Mom found it almost right away. We did wander around the rest of the cemetery and then had a picnic lunch in the car ~ most people do picnic at cemeteries, right?!?!

All in all it was really a marvelous day. I found some records I hadn't known about while we were at the Historical Society and finding this gravestone was just the icing on the cake. The whole trip just left me feeling overwhelmingly grateful to all the people who spend time transcribing records and answering queries and just generally helping those of use trying to research in places where we don't live.

I also had a great day with my Mom who is always up for an adventure and unfailingly supportive of my genealogy "quests" even though census records and cemeteries don't thrill her to the extent that they do me!

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  1. "this cemetery is back a dirt road which you enter from the gravel road that is off the tiny paved road up from the river" - I love that description - what we'll do to find our ancestors!


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