Sunday, March 28, 2010

Family Events ~ March 28 - April 3

March 28 ~ On this day in 1801 my 3x great-grandaunt, Catherine Benzie was baptized in Oyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

March 30 ~ On this day in 1785 my 4x great-granduncle, William Gourlay is born in Ceres, Fife, Scotland.

Also on this day in 1808 my 3x great-grandaunt, and niece of William, Elizabeth Gourlay, is born in Ceres, Fife, Scotland.

Finally, this day is marked by the death, in 1985 of my great-grandaunt, Laura Hazel Graber Rittenhouse.  Because Aunt Laura was the youngest in a family where my great-grandmother, Ella, was the oldest I was fortunate enough to have a link back to my great-great-grandparents even though my great-grandmother, Ella, died when I was only 4 1/2.  Aunt Laura was very interested in family history and it is because of her that I have so many wonderful pictures on the Graber side of the family.

March 31 ~ On this day in 1893, Roy Duncan, my Grandma Belle Duncan Quick's uncle.  I say it that way because Grandma Quick was my mother's step-mother so Roy comes up as "no blood relationship" in my genealogy software although my Mom knew him as Uncle Roy.

April 3 ~ This day is marked by the death in 1793 of Ann Magdalena Laesser in Bern, Switzerland.  Anna is possibly my 6x great-grandmother.

On this day in 1903, my granduncle - my grandfather's half-brother, William Harry Nissen is born in Denver, Colorado. [picture to the left is of Harry]

Also on this day is born Kenneth Logan Keefer, the granduncle on their father's side of my nieces and nephew.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Family Events ~ March 21 - 27

March 21 ~ On this day in 1759, Anna SCHENK, possibly my 5x great-grandmother is born in Langnau, Bern, Switzerland.

Also on this day in 1913 my paternal grandmother, Lela Mable SAURER is born in Wayne County, Ohio.

Finally, this day is also marked by the death, in 1966 of Enoch Melvin MOUSER who is the 2x great-grandfather of my nieces and nephew.

 March 22 ~ This day in 1900 is marked by the death,  of  Elizabeth RENNIE, my 3x great-grandmother.  She died and is buried in Inverurie, Scotland along with her daughter and son-in-law.  Although her name is not on the stone, she is buried here with them and I have posted a picture of the grave marker in a previous post.

March 23 ~ On this day in 1908, Elizabeth LOGAN, the great-grandmother of my nieces and nephew is born.  This picture of her on a trip to Egypt is one of the only picture I've seen of her.

 March 24 ~ On this day in 1863 my 2x great-grandfather, William EICKELBERG is born in what was then known as Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Or, to practice my German, "Mein Ururgro├čvater, Wilhelm Eickelberg war in Mecklenberg geboren.  Als er zwei Jahren alt war, hat er nach Amerika mit seinen Eltern gekommen.  Das war im Jahren achtzehnhundert f├╝nfundsechzig (1865.)"


March 25 ~ On this day in 1824 my 3x great-grandfather, Jacob ZAUGG is born in Bern, Switzerland.

Also on this day in 1885, my great-grandmother, Nelle EICKELBERG is born in Carbon, Clay County, Indiana. She is the original "Random Relative" featured in my first blog post.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Events ~ March 14 - 20

March 15th ~ On this day in 1881 in Apple Creek, Ohio my 2x great-grandparents, Rudolph GRABER and Emma ZAUGG were married.  I've posted previously about the incredible coincidence of my becoming best friends with the great-granddaughter of the minister who married this couple, Edmund ERB.

March 17th ~ On this day in 1800 in Cape Girardaeu, Missour John ROSS, the 4x great-grandfather of my nieces and nephew, is born.

March 19th ~ On this day in 1852 my 3x great grandparents Jacob ZAUGG and Anna Barbara BARTCHEY are married in Berne, Switzerland.  [pretty obviously NOT a wedding picture, but the only one I have of them.]  This day in 1892 is also marked by the death of my 3x great grandfather, Thomas SWINTON in St. Andrews, Scotland.  I've previously posted a picture of his gravestone.

March 20th ~ On this day in 1795 in Bern, Switzerland Jacob ZAUGG, father of the above Jacob and my 4x great grandfather is born.  Also on this day in 1844 my 2x great grandmother, Caroline FLORY is born in Wayne County, Ohio .