Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday Night Fun ~ WOW

Once again it's Sunday before I manage to get around to the "Saturday Night Fun" that Randy Seaver, or his alter ego, Randy the Easter Bunny, posted here. [and by the way - nice ears Randy!!]

I have to admit that I saw it last night and thought, "Yeah, right, that won't work for me. I've been searching the internet for YEARS." So, I come here today to make a public confession that I was wrong and Randy was RIGHT!

I used [Nissen Colorado genealogy society] as my search criteria. This is would be my Mother's birth mother's mother's family. I have found a little bit about them including a picture of a grave stone that a wonderful person on Find-A-Grave posted for me. I don't really know much about the family though.

So, what did I find? Not a whole lot, but what I found is intriguing and has definitely put me on to some things to follow up. It also reminded me that I need to keep looking and that visiting all the area historical societies next time I am in Colorado would be a great idea. I guess the "WOW" is because I didn't expect to find anything and was surprised when the following appeared:

The link of interest is to the Foothills Genealogical Society and it's page titled "Jefferson County, Colorado Residents Index." On that page is a listing for Clara, Minnie and August NISSEN. August would be my great-great-grandfather. Clara and Minnie are older sisters of my great-grandmother, Anna Gertrude NISSEN. At one point [as listed in the 1920 census] Gertrude's son, Harold EVANS, was living with his Aunt Minnie. Gertrude's daughter, my grandmother Ruth EVANS' full name is Ruth Penrose Evans. Minnie's married name is Minnie PENROSE. So, this should be the right group of people.

The listing of NISSEN's in Jefferson County also has several listings for John and August had a brother John.

The information for Clara and Minnie is given as "Foothills Inquirer." This is a publication of the Foothills Genealogical Society and I will be following up with them today!

For August, besides a listing in the Foothills Inquirer there is note of a mention in History of Pioneer Wheat Ridge as well as mention in an agricultural index for the area. From what I read on the webpage it sounds like the information could be obtained at the Denver Library as well as the local Genealogical and Historical societies. I really need to plan another trip to Colorado soon - and this time I will remember that my ancestors didn't always live in Denver!!

Thanks again Randy ~


  1. A family tree is never finished. I thought you knew that. It just grows and grows and changes. Sometimes we have to prune some of the misinformation from it.
    I heard someone say once "just one more page".

  2. Thanks Judy :-)

    And very true Lori ~ but I have to admit that I sometimes have to learn things more than once!! I love being a part of the GeneaBloggers community as it really speeds up that learning, and re-learning, for me. There are SO many smart people out there who are so willing to share.


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