Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family Events ~ April 26 - May 2

Not a very busy week in my family's history...but here are the events.

April 28, 1803
- Marriage banns were published for David RITCHIE and Margaret LOUDEN, my 3rd great grandparents in Kemback, Fife, Scotland.

April 29, 1864
- My great-great grandmother, Nellie AUFLICK was born in Minersville, Ohio.

I have many, many great pictures of Nellie, but I scanned two new-to-me pictures today during Scanfest. [which I attended for the first time today and thoroughly enjoyed!!]

I knew that my great-great-grandparents liked to travel in their later years. Apparently after living for so long in Colorado, they enjoyed warmer destinations. Here are pictures from Florida taken in two consecutive years 1923 and 1924.

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  1. Just love the old pictures. Love the pose.


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