Monday, April 20, 2009

Family Events ~ April 19 - 26

April 20, 1883
~ My great-grandmother, Ella Rosa GRABER was born near Apple Creek, Ohio

April 21, 1844 ~ My great-great-grandaunt, Elspeth SWINTON was baptized in St. Andrews, Scotland.

April 22, 1819 ~ My 3x great-granduncle, Thomas GOURLAY was baptized in the parish of Ceres, Fife, Scotland having been born on April 16th (but I missed that last week!!)

April 24, 1995 ~ My Grandma, Olive Isabelle DUNCAN, know in later life as Belle, (my mother's step-mother), died in Hamilton, Ohio

April 25, 1875
~ My great-granduncle, George BENZIE was born in Inverurie, Scotland.

April 25, 1902 ~ My granduncle, William Alexander RITCHE was born in Cleveland, Ohio on his Uncle George BENZIE's 27th birthday. William's mother was Mary BENZIE, George's younger sister.

The cool thing about putting all these events together is that I had not previously realized that Uncle Will was born on HIS uncle's birthday. Until I started doing this, I hadn't run a "list of events" type report. It's been fun to see what was happening in various branches of my family all together like this.


  1. This is a great idea. Do you mind if I copy it? I always love it when I come across an event that happened on my own birthday. I find very few but lots on my husband's for some reason.

  2. Hi Lori ~
    When I first started doing this I mentioned that I was "shamelessly stealing it from Julie over at GenBlog". You might want to give her blog a plug for the idea. I know that I'm having lots of fun with it! Can't wait to see what you will be posting.


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