Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sibling Saturday ~ The Eickelberg Family

Sibling Saturday is a daily blogging prompt suggested by Susan Mosey of Ancestry Binders.

 In keeping with my theme of blogging about Nelle Eickelberg this week, I thought I'd post today about Nelle's siblings.  Nelle was the oldest, born in 1885 and she had a brother, William, born in 1887 and a sister, Selma born in 1894.  This picture of the family outside their house is the only one I have with all of the siblings together. 

I haven't been able to identify where this house was.  I can clearly see the house number - 2621 but there was nothing written on the back.  I would guesstimate this was taken around 1900 as the youngest daughter would have been about 6 at that time.  On the 1900 census the family is listed as living at 2432 Curtis Street which, as best I can tell, is no longer is there as a house. The area isn't residential when I look at it on Google street view. 

I do have a number of separate pictures of Selma.  Selma died young - just days shy of her 19th birthday.  She is buried in Fairmount Cemetery with her parents and grandmother.  I have a ring that was hers and my mother has a painted china dresser set that Selma painted.  I also noticed, just recently, that it was Selma who gave her sister the baby book for her sister's second child, my grandfather Jack Quick. 

This picture of Selma reminds me that the sisters certainly loved to dress!  The hat is somewhat of a throwback to the one that Nelle wore in one of her pictures.

I have no other pictures of brother Will.  While I don't know the whole story, I believe that Nelle and her brother had a falling out over their mother's will.  It's strange because, from newspaper articles I know that both Nelle and her mother visited Will and his family in Reno, Nevada many times.

So, I don't know a lot about the Eickelberg siblings, but I thought I'd share the pictures I DO have.

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  1. Diana, what a wonderful photograph of their house! It looks like it was right next to a business or commercial district. Perhaps a local city directory from that time could help solve your mystery? Selma's photograph in the hat and muff is quite grand!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting the other day. Appreciate having the opportunity to connect!


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