Monday, January 27, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #4 ~ Anna Barbara Bartschi/Bartchey

Written for Amy Johnson Crow's Challenge 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. (click on the icon in the sidebar for details at Amy's blog)

First, just the facts:
Name: Anna Barbara Bartschi/Bartchey
Born: Sep-1832, Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland
Married: Jacob Zaugg, Mar-1852, Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland
Died: 20-Aug-1890, Wayne Co, Ohio [Find-A-Grave memorial]
Relationship to me: Great-great-great-grandmother

I am descended through:
- her daughter, Emma (Zaugg) Graber (1860 – 1919)
- her daughter, Ella Rosa (Graber) Saurer (1883 - 1963)
- her daughter, Lela Mabel (Saurer) Ritchie (1913 - 1991)
- her son, my father, Donald John Ritchie (living)

They did the best they could with the charcoal picture, but as you can see from the original they didn't have much to work with.  I guess having the larger, charcoal portraits done was a way of airbrushing.

I have very little information on Anna.  When she came to this country she had one young son, Jacob.  She would have 7 more children in this country, all born in Ohio.

Jacob Zaugg - b. 19-Aug-1852, Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland
Frederic Zaugg - b. 11-Jul-1854, Wayne Co, Ohio
Elisabeth Zaugg - b. 1857, Wayne Co, Ohio
Mary A. Zaugg - b. 1859, Wayne Co, Ohio
Emma Zaugg - b. 13-Sep-1860, Wayne Co, Ohio [my great-great-grandmother]
Caroline Zaugg - b. 24-Oct-1862, Wayne Co, Ohio
William Zaugg - b. 17-Feb-1868, Wayne Co, Ohio
Rosa A. Zaugg - b. 15-Nov-1870, Wayne Co, Ohio

Besides the pictures I have of Emma, the only other one of the children that I have a picture for is Caroline.  At least that has always been my assumption as on the back of this picture is written, "Aunt Caroline".  She would have been my great-grandmother's aunt.

In the 1880 census, all 8 children are living at home and Anna's mother-in-law, also Anna is living with the family as well.

Before her death in 1890, several of the children would be married and therefore out of the house in the 1890 census - if we could see the 1890 census!

 As you can see, Anna's side of the stone was in somewhat better condition than her husband's at the time this picture was taken.  I've been back there fairly recently and the stone is much harder to read and is tilted even more.  I'm so glad we found the "old" cemetery when we did!


  1. wow her grave stone is very pretty. And why can't you see the 1890 census? I also would love to know how you found the old grave yard. I bet it's a GREAT story!

  2. Help!!! I think maybe this is one relative we might want to keep buried! She was one large lady


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