Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Mother's Day

It's so hard to even choose what pictures to use! Here are some pictures of my Mom when she was in jr high, high school and college.

This first picture is out front of the house in Ohio were my Mom lived during her junior high and high school years. [This is the house I remember growing up going to visit my grandparents.]

On to High School - here is a newspaper clipping when my Mom was on the homecoming court. Somewhere I have a picture that my Grandpa took of this same event. I can't lay my hands on the picture at the moment, but I remember his caption, "The Queen's attendant is OUR Queen." [Mom is in the back, middle]

~ a picture of my Mom and her parents the day she graduated from High School in 1954. Grandpa has this picture captioned, "College Kids & the Prof"

Here is a picture of Mom when she would go to Indiana Dunes to work for the summer during her college years.

Finally (for today)...and what we she doing during college ~ dating my Dad! I was going to try to crop this picture to focus in on Mom and Dad more, but I liked the whole look of the picture - on the steps and the white columns so I left it exactly as it was.


  1. Your Mother is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your family photos.

  2. I gave you an award.


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