Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Award Awaited Me Tonight

When I got home tonight, dreading all the things I had to do, I found that Lori over at Family Tree May Contain Nuts had presented me the "One Lovely Blog Award"! That certainly made my evening better and coming from someone who has such a beautiful blog herself, it was even more fun.

The instructions are quite simple - just to nominate 7 other blogs. Well, it SOUNDS simple, but looking over all the creativity we have out there, wow, how to pick only 7!

One thing this made me realize is that I need to actually visit others blogs more and not just read them through a reader. As I was jumping over to blogs to make comments to let people know about their award I realized, once again, just HOW lovely so many blogs are. It's fun to see everyone's personalities shine through on their blogs.

So, here are my choices - please be sure to visit them "in person" to fully appreciate them. And please know that I could easily nominate 7 more, and then 7 more and then 7 more after that...


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm thrilled, Diana! You have really made my day. I'm making a diligent effort to blog more often and this gives me more motivation. The award is beautiful--I'm going to have to print it out just to enjoy all the PINK! And so feminine! Thank you so much. I'll get busy finding the next 7 to honor---it'll be hard to narrow it to only 7.

  2. Thank you, Diana! I'm touched :-)

  3. Wow, what a surprise! Thanks, Diana. You just made my day!!


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