Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday ~ More from Scotland

One great thing about many gravestones in Scotland is the wealth of genealogical information they hold. Women are almost always mentioned by maiden name. It certainly makes it easier to go back a generation. This stone (from the same small graveyard in Oyne mentioned in last week's post) certainly exemplifies what can be found. Here, the children are specifically called out by birth order - 2nd son, 3rd daughter etc. Again, I don't know how I might be related to these BENZIE's but it's a good bet that I am ~ at least slightly!


  1. Hi. I love tombstones. I find cemeteries to be so interesting.
    Your blog is also very interesting and I look forward to poking around in it.

  2. You are SO right about many Scottish tombtones. I was overwhelmed at their size and the wealth of information. Are you of Scottish descent?

  3. Hi Linda ~
    Yes I definitely am of Scottish descent! Both of my father's paternal grandparents were born in Scotland. This picture was taken in May, 2007 when I was able to visit Scotland. It was the trip of a lifetime!


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