Monday, March 16, 2009

Family Events ~ March 15 - 21

March 15, 1881 ~ My great-great-grandparents, Rudolph GRABER and Emma ZAUGG were married in Apple Creek, Ohio.

March 18, 1900 ~ My great-grandaunt Laura GRABER's husband, Charles RITTENHOUSE was born.

March 19, 1852 ~ My third great-grandparents (parents of Emma) Jacob ZAUGG and Anna BARTCHEY were married in Switzerland.

March 19, 1892 ~ My third great-grandfather, Thomas SWINTON died in St. Andrews Scotland. [mentioned at the very bottom of this stone]

March 20, 1759 ~ My fifth great-grandfather, Jakob ZAUGG was reportedly born in Eggiwill, Switzerland.* [grandfather of Jacob ZAUGG above]

March 20, 1844 ~ My great-great-grandmother, Caroline FLORY was born near Apple Creek, Ohio.

March 21, 1759 ~ My fifth great-grandmother, Anna SCHENK [wife of Jakob] was reportedly born in Langnau, Switzerland.*

March 21, 1913 ~ My grandmother, Lela Mable SAURER was born near Apple Creek, Ohio.

March 21, 1966 ~ My brother-in-law's great-grandfather, the Reverend Enoch Melvin MOUSER died in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

*I have no real verification or good sources for these events but have been "told" by other researchers.


  1. You are luck you can go back that far. I have only made it to the great grandparents, then we switch to Europe and my brick walls. If you have the answers and dates you can look for the documentation.

  2. Hi Claudia ~
    You are so right - at least I have a starting point. I was also lucky with another part of my family - my Dad's paternal grandparents were both born in Scotland. Scotland has so many records available on line that I was able to go back a number of generations in Scotland while sitting at home!

  3. I see Louisiana somewhere in your tree and so I linked to you today. I hope that you don't mind.


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