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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Elsah (IL) Cemetery

I'm not related to the BESTERFEDLDT's but one day when I was walking the Elsah Cemetery looking for a few stones for photo requests on Find-A-Grave, I just had to take pictures of these as well.

Lydia A.B.
Died July 24, 1873
AGED 1 Yr, 6 Ms, 12 Ds

Lucy S. B.
Died Nov 16, 1869
AGED 3 Ys, 7 Ms, 3 Ds

John F.B
Died Oct 26, 186[3/8]
AGED 1 Yr, 2 Ms, 11 Ds

Henry W. [B.]

Died Mar 3, 186[2/7?]
AGED 2 Ys, 1Mo, 21 Dys

It seemed so sad to me - all 4 of these children dying so young. It doesn't appear to be the result of any type of epidemic as they all died at very different times...but all so young. Not only did I take the pictures, but I also had to find this family in the census. In the 1880 census the family had six children:
Addie - 10
Leander - 8
Lena - 6
Lilly - 4
Albert -2
George -1

I also found Leander in the 1900 census married and living in area, but haven't traced any of the others. I just wanted to see that Selinda and Christian did have children that lived to adulthood.