Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday's Obituary ~ Lela M Ritchie

Lela Mabel Saurer Ritchie
Born March 21, 1913
Died November 26, 1991






Lela was Grandma Ritchie to me, so of course I remember her mostly like this -

 I do have some wonderful pictures of her at a younger age, including this one in which she looks exactly like my baby sister at the same early age.

 This is her high school graduation picture so it would have been taking in 1930.

After that she went to Cleveland to nursing school

However life and motherhood intervened and she didn't finish nursing school.  Here is an early picture of her with her husband, David W Ritchie.

As I'm working on organizing my genealogy "stuff" I am currently going through many things that came from Grandma.  She had so many pictures from her family - aunts and uncles that never married.  She used to go through the box and tell me who they all were.  One time, when I was fairly young, I remember her saying, "When I'm gone no one is going to even know who the people in these pictures are."  I told her, "I WILL!  Just keep telling me."  I loved going through the old pictures with her.  And I DO know who they all are.

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  1. Love the pictures of grandma and grandpa! Made me smile! And I have no doubt you know who all the people in the pictures are!

  2. Happy Blogiversary!!

    Regards, Grant


  3. Wonderful post, Diana. I so wish I had been old enough to ask my various grandparents information about photos and experiences, while they were alive. Lovely photos here!

    1. Thanks Celia ~ I wish I had asked some of my older relative different questions. Back then I was more focused on getting people neatly slotted in my family tree. NOW I wish I'd asked more ABOUT the people.

  4. I'll bet Grandma Ritchie was very happy to have one of the younger generation interested in family history! And Kudos to her for saving everything for you. :)

  5. Yes Karen!! I thank Grandma in my mind many times. She actually labeled a bunch of pictures from my Grandpa's side of the family!! It makes me smile when I go through those pictures and recognize her handwriting. :-)


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