Sunday, October 14, 2012

Family Events ~ October 15 - 21

Belle Quick, 1940
October 15th ~ On this day in 1910 my grandmother, Olive Isabelle DUNCAN is born in Louisville, Colorado.  Actually she is my step-grandmother, but she's the grandmother on my mother's side that I grew up knowing .

October 16th ~ On this day in 1810 my 3x great-grandmother, Agnes GOURLAY is born in Ceres, Fife, Scotland. She will be christened 3 days later on October 19th.

October 17th ~ On this day in 1901 my great-grandparents, Thomas Leopold RITCHIE and Mary BENZIE are married in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  For many years I erroneously recorded their marriage date as 17-Oct-1900 based on this marriage booklet that had been handed down to me.  A few years ago when I actually ordered a copy of their marriage registration I found that it had actually been 1901!  I wrote a post about that a few years ago. 

William Benzie
October 18th ~ On this day in 1843 my 2xgreat-grandfather, William BENZIE (father of Mary) is born in Oyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

October 20th ~ On this day in 1874, my great-grandaunt, Jeannie Alice RITCHIE is born in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland.

October 21st ~ On this day in 1781 my 3x great-grandfather, Jacob SAURER is born in canton Berne, Switzerland. 

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