Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Events ~ Jan 01 – Jan 08

January 1st ~ On this day in 1884 my 2x great-grandparents, William EICKELBERG and Nellie AUFLICK were married in Charleston, West Virginia.  This picture of the family was taken in Denver, Colorado sometime in mid-1887 as the baby in the picture, also William, was born 15-Feb-1887.

This day is also marked by the death, of my 3x great-grandfather, Jacob ZAUGG in 1900 in Mount Eaton, Ohio.  Finding his gravestone was quite an adventure and one of the first exciting things I found in my genealogy.  My original picture was not even digital although I've since gone back to this cemetery several times. 

January 6th ~This day is marked by the death of my 3x great-grandfather, Thomas AUFLICK, in 1910 in Lafayette, Colorado.  Quite the snowy day when I was able to take this picture!


  1. That family portrait is wonderful, a real treasure for your family. Think of how we dress for family photos now, often in jeans. What would our ancestors think? ha

  2. Hi Colleen ~ Very true about the jeans...but then we take WAY more pictures so I guess it's not so much of an event as it was then :-)


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