Friday, January 21, 2011

What Will 2011 Bring at Random Relatives?

I’ve been in a genealogy “funk” lately – as anyone could tell by the marked lack of posts here. It took me until Jan 18th to even get the Christmas decorations "taken down"! It’s partly to blame on my recent decision to pursue my MBA. Studying definitely takes time away from the fun stuff. It’s also been a matter of just not knowing where to start when I only have a little bit of time. That’s just an excuse though, as this great post by Susan Petersen over at Long Lost shows.

So, I decided to look at 2011 and jump into some genealogy activities and planning. There’s nothing like a good conference or class to get me really inspired. Here is what I’ve come up with for my 2011 schedule:

March 26 ~ Signed up for a class entitled “Techniques for Finding a German Ancestor’s Origin” offered by the St. Louis Genealogy Society.

March 30 – April 2 ~ Attending the Ohio Genealogical Society Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

July 29 & 30 ~ Attending the Midwest Family History Expo in Overland Park, Kansas.

September 7 – 10 ~ Attending FGS 2011 Conference in Springfield, Illinois

Just reading over the sessions that are being offered at OGS and FGS has really got me excited. My only complaint – and this is especially true of FGS – is that every single time period has no less than two, and often three or four, sessions that I’d just love to attend.

I also read a post today over at Find Your Folks that reminded me of an easy and close to home thing I can do to further my genealogy education - read the genealogy books I already have in my personal library!!

So, check back in periodically – those of you who are still around – and I plan to pick someone in my database….ANYONE….and do a little researching!


  1. I'm making a comment just so you know I( your favorite sister) read your new posting

  2. Great way to pull yourself out a funk. I'm hoping to do the KC and Springfield conferences too. See you there!

    And Spring Training is just over 3 weeks away ;)

  3. Congrats on the decision to pursue your Masters, Diana. It is a hard slog but worth it when you finally don the cap and gown and and are handed your testamur (that's what happens downunder anyway).
    Don't know if you'll find much time for genealogy but I'll be watching for your posts when you do.
    You'll cetainly be busy with your program of study and your genealogy events.
    Good Luck .

  4. Some day, "favorite" sister, you will have to NOT be anonymous!! Get one of your kids to show you how :-)

  5. Diana - it's that time of year - it's OK to be in a funk! I've been doing more blogging rather than researching the last few weeks. School is hard work, so don't feel guilty about letting the genealogy slide a little while. And just think - July and the FH Expo will be here before you know it. Genea-Party Time! Thanks, too, for the link back to LLR! Your "Kindle Sister" - Susan

  6. Nolichucky ~ That would be great if you come to KC & Springfield!! I had such a great time in KC last year - met some fb friends and just overall had a blast. And GO CARDS!!

  7. Thanks Geniaus!! I probably won't do the cap & gown thing...but just getting the piece of paper will be reward enough for me. And thanks for "stopping by" - I appreciate the comments!!

  8. Hey Susan ~ I like that "Kindle sister"! I am really looking forward to FH Expo. I liked it because it wasn't so huge - it felt like a nice sized family reunion....with people I'd never met before. :-) Can't wait!!

  9. Diana,
    I'm hoping to make it to Springfield too. Maybe we can compare schedules beforehand and divide up some of the sessions and share notes. Looking forward to meeting you.

  10. Kathryn & Linda - I'm excited about all the bloggers that will be in Springfield. And Kathryn - I'd love to compare schedules beforehand. So very many excellent options. See you both there!

  11. It sure looks like you've got a full schedule, and how nice that you'll be meeting up with some old and new friends. Have a great year, genealogy wise, and I'm looking forward in reading your blogs.