Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Events ~ Oct 25 - Oct 31

October 25 ~ On this day in 1937 my grandfather, Jack H QUICK and Olive Isabelle BRADDOCK (nee DUNCAN) are married in Castle Rock, Colorado. This is the second marriage for both.  These pictures from my grandpa's photo album, dated 11-1-1937 were taken during their honeymoon at the Grand Canyon although the background is so faded it is hard to tell.  Fortunately for me, he labeled all his pictures.

October 27 ~ This day is marked by the death in Hempstead, Arkansas in1889 of Margaret Amanda MOUSER, the 4x great-grandaunt of my nieces and nephew.

This day is also marked by the death in Colorado in 1912 of my great-grandfather, John H QUICK.  My grandfather was a 15 months old at the time of his father's death.  This is one of only two pictures I have of John.

October 29 ~ This day is marked by the death in Oyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 1929 of Helen BENZIE my 2x great-grandaunt.

October 31 ~ This is a busy day in family history!

First, on this day in 1802 in Oyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland my 2x great-granduncle, Alexander Benzie is born.

This day is also marked by the death in 1892 of the 5x great-grandfather of my nieces and nephew, John Daniel Mouser.  There is a wonderful memorial for him on Find-A-Grave with a picture of his gravestone and some great additional information regarding his will and the names of all his children.

Also on this day in 1896, my great-granduncle, Raymond Rudolph GRABER is born in East Union Twp, Wayne County, Ohio.  [picture to the left is Raymond]

And last, but certainly not least - on this day, an unspecified number of years ago, my brother-in-law, Christian Mathis MOUSER was born.

Happy Birthday Chris!


  1. WOW someone actually wrote the information on the photographs. As I identify who the people are on mine I am writing on the back of them

  2. Claudia ~ Yes, my grandpa was great about that! I even have old negatives that he has numbered to correspond with the numbers of the pictures in the albums. I wish I were half so organized with my pictures!

  3. It IS so nice to have labelled pictures! I love your 1940 census countdown. :)

  4. Diana, did your grandparents live in Castle Rock? I went to high school in Castle Rock.

  5. Hi Michelle - Thanks! I think I found that countdown thingie for something totally unrelated (but it escapes me know what it was) I just thought that it would be good for the census :-)

  6. Hi Gayle ~ No, the didn't live there...I guess they just went there to get married. It was only days after one of the divorces was final. They lived in Denver...maybe it was just on their way out of town ;-)

  7. This is a really nice post toasting your relatives for the week.

  8. Hi ~ I hadn't thought of it that way - "toasting my relatives"...but I really like it! I'm going to think of that whenever I put together my weekly events posting from now on!


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