Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise Times Two!

As I mentioned in my post this Sunday, I've been very remiss about blogging lately due to a family issue that is still ongoing. So, imagine my surprise to find that I've been given the Kreative Blogger award TWICE!! Thanks to BOTH Karen at Ancestor Soup and Sheri at Twig Talk for thinking about me ~ it was such as nice pick-me-up!

The winner of this award is supposed to list seven things about themselves and then pass the award along to seven other bloggers.

Seven things about me:

1. I've just recently made contact with a cousin (OK, 3rd cousin) in Scotland!!

2. I'm quite an introvert but definitely not shy.

3. I've read every one of Jane Austen's 6 major novels at least 20 times.

4. I'm a Harry Potter fan!

5. I am going to German School every Saturday morning.

6. I have twin niece and nephew - born on different days.

7. I'm over 50 and still have my Mom hem pants for me. (after all - it's her fault I'm short, right?)

It's hard to nominate only 7 blogs when I read so many that are great in different way. So, here are just the first 7 that came to mind!!

1. Glimpsing the Past ~ Hi Cuz!

2. Family Tree May Contain Nuts

3. Tennessee Memories

4. Claudia's Genealogy Blog

5. Elyse's Genealogy Blog

6. Flipside

7. Grace and Glory

If I had more time, I'd just keep going...every blog I've looked at tonight was creative and interesting!!


  1. Oh Wow, thank you, Diana! You're going to force me to get busy on my blog again. I've gotten lazy recently--actually just too many other demands for my time from family lately. But that wil pass and I can get back to it. Thank you for your vote of confidence. I do so appreciate you!

  2. Thanks Diana. It is appreciated. Interesting facts about you. I can really relate to the short gene.

  3. Diana, Diana, you're short, too? There must be a million of us (or more). ;)
    Thanks SO much for the award. It means a lot to me for you to include my blog. I've been letting everything else get in the way of blogging lately, too, and I really miss it ~ but most of all I miss the contact with my blogger friends. So I've GOT to get back to it. I loved getting to know seven new things about you, too.

  4. Thank you so much for the award ...I tend to be a bit behind with accepting awards but I will get there ...your fault at the moment as you have provided me with so much through you tree and emails.lol
    I'm short too .... I WAS 5ft4" but I appear to have shrunk over the past 10 years and now I'm 5ft 2"
    Thanks again from you 'cuz' over here in Bonny Scotland.

  5. Thank you Diana for awarding Flipside. Scotland....me too!!! I am enjoying reading your 7 items....and the responses....5'4" here and probably shrinking...seems to happen after 60 ;-)

  6. Excellent reading habits and working on a language, too!

  7. Thank you Diana, it really was a surprise to find....I also have been lax on blogging but I want to get back into the swing of things..


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