Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family Events ~ November 22 - 28

November 22 ~ On this day in 1873 my 2x great-grandaunt, Sophie EICKELBERG is born in Minersville, Meigs County, Ohio. My mom says that as a very young girl she can remember going with her grandma to visit Aunt Sophie. Also on this day in 1895, Sophie's first child, William L HAZALETT is born in Meigs County, Ohio. William is my my 1st cousin 3x removed.

November 25 ~
On this day, in 1846 in Oyne, Aberdeen, Scotland,my 2x great-grandaunt, Mary BENZIE is born.

November 26 ~ This day is marked by the death of my Grandma, Lela Mable SAURER RITCHIE in 1991. There is a picture of her gravestone here as it was an early "Tombstone Tuesday" post.

November 27 ~ This day is marked by the death in 1847 in England of my 4x great-grandfather, John HANNINGTON. This day is also marked by the death, in 1858 of my 4x great-grandmother, Margaret LOUDEN RITCHIE in Blebo Craig, Fife, Scotland. [This Margaret and her husband, David RITCHIE are the common ancestors of my recently discovered cousin in Scotland!]


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