Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekly Events ~ September 6 - 12

September 6 ~ This day is marked by the death, in 1930 of my step-grandaunt Melva Marie DUNCAN in Colorado. She is buried with her mother. Lena [VENETTE] DUNCAN and grandmother, Mary Dixie [LEGAULT] BOWLEN in Boulder, Colorado's Green Mountain Cemetery. It was the wonderful on-line index to this cemetery, compiled by the Boulder Genealogical Society that allowed me to find this grave so easily!

September 7 ~ This day is marked by the death, in 1919 of Emma [ZAUGG] GRABER near Apple Creek, Ohio. Emma was my 2x great grandmother. This picture was taken when she was 16.

September 9
~ On this day in 1789, my 4x great-grandmother, Margaret BEVERSTOCK is born in England.

September 11 ~ A busy day in our family history! On this day in 1819, Isaac BENZIE, my 3x great-granduncle is born in Oyne, Scotland.

Also born on this day in 1829 is my 3x great-grandfather, William (born Wilhelm) EICKELBERG in the duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, later Germany.

And finally, on this day in 1906 my granduncle, Thomas Albert RITCHIE is born in Cleveland, Ohio. In the picture below, he is the second from the left. [My Grandpa, David Washington RITCHIE is the youngest boy sitting to the right of Tom]


  1. I love this! So fun to read all this info...Keep sending them to me and I know I'm your favorite sister because I'm the only one who reads these consistently.

  2. Love seeing this. I am a descendent of Margaret Beverstock through her daughter Margaret Ann Hannington Aufflick.


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