Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Events ~ September 20 - 26

Not much going on this week in the family history ~ and on top of that NO PICTURES.

On a side note however, I gain so much from doing this. I almost always find something to clean up. In this case I had 2 dates for Barbara Gourlay which were both showing as "birth." While I was fairly confident that one was really the baptism, I didn't know for sure. A quick "trip" out to ScotlandsPeople got me on the right track. I also downloaded the entry in the records so I can source this bit of information.

September 20
~ on this day in 1801 my 3x great-grandaunt Barbara GOURLAY is baptized in Ceres, Fife, Scotland.

September 21 ~ on this day in 1858 Margery Ann WEAVER, wife of my 2x great-granduncle Frederick ZAUGG, is born in Homes County, Ohio.

September 22 ~ on this day in 1889 my great-granduncle, William Moore RITCHIE is born in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland.


  1. Interesting, how do you keep track of this information. Is it in a calendar on a family program. I love this and would love to figure how to do this and not only put on my blog but also to pass on to children and grand children.

  2. Hi ~ I just run a report from my genealogy program and output the report to a spreadsheet. That let's me see all the events in a certain time period. When I do these posts I have to go through and look at my database to determine the relationship - which fortunately for me is displayed for each person.

    I've really learned a lot putting these together because it shows me things I never realized before - like a son born on his father's birthday etc.

    I had never thought about putting them together though - but I LOVE that idea. It would be a fun book :-)

  3. Hi, thank you for replying, My family tree program is so old I can get a calender or a report but it covers birth or anniversary but no death date. And it does not tell me how we are related. My direct line is easy but get into other relations and can be a headache if we are going back to the 1700's . I do love how you do it though. I am printing a copy of my blog when I write something about a family member and then I put it in my family research book. Someday I hope some will appreciate that special story of Aunt Daisy and the trips to Minneapolis along with a copy of a vintage post card of the train depot and pictures of her at that time. Will continue to watch your site. grace

  4. Up date I know have a new family tree program. I am in the 21st century. Thanks for your postings. grace


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