Sunday, September 13, 2009

Family Events ~ September 13 - 19

[Putting this post together was a big "ah-ha" moment for me. When I saw that Rudy & Emma Graber, my 2x great-grandparents, both came up on my report as being born on Sept 13th I though I must have entered something wrong. I double checked and found that I had that information from several sources for each of them - although not from birth records. I had never, until this moment, realized that they had the same birthday!!]

September 13 ~ On this day in 1853 my 2x great-grandfather Rudolph GRABER is born in Canton Bern, Switzerland. Also on this day, seven years later in 1860, Rudy's future wife and my 2x great-grandmother Emma Anna ZAUGG is born in Wayne County, Ohio. [I believe this picture to be their wedding picture.]

September 14 ~ This day is marked by the death of my grandaunt, Hildegarde Moore RITCHIE, in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio.

September 16 ~ On this day in 1836 my 2x great-granduncle, David RITCHIE is baptized in Kemback, Fife, Scotland.

September 17 ~ This day is marked by the death of my 2x great granduncle Frederick ZAUGG in 1928. This day also marks the death of Ella Rosa [GRABER] SAURER, my great-grandmother, in 1963 in Apple Creek, Ohio. (Frederick is Ella's uncle - sister to Ella's mother Emma [ZAUGG] GRABER.)

September 19
~ On this day in 1872 David RITCHIE, my great-granduncle, is born in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland. David is buried in Kincardine Cemetery in Ontario which I visited (and blogged about) in May.


  1. Besides the content, I sure like your layout. I need to learn how you put a photo on each side with your post in the middle. Nice post!

  2. Thanks Becky!! As far as getting the words in the middle - it's trial and error for me. I can upload the photos to either right, left or center, but the "preview" function rarely seems to show me how it will really look. So, I post it and then look at it and see where I need to adjust...

  3. I love your postings, short and interesting and the pictures are wonderful. Once again thanks and I am glad I found your site


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