Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Baltimore

In this picture you might notice a remarkable LACK of actual tombstones for a Tombstone Tuesday post!

I was looking for Susie (Hungerford) Quick, b April 9, 1867, d July 2, 1937 both dates according to her death certificate. It also stated that she was to be buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery.

The information on the website wasn't quite making sense to me as most people had plot information that corresponded to the lettered sections on the map. For Susie [and a few others that I'd noticed], the entry read "Olivet xx" with just a number. When I called for further information, they explained that Olivet was actually section L and that those were generally unmarked graves. As the nice lady so carefully put it, they were "single" burials rather than family plots. So, it appears that Susie, who at this point was a widow with 2 of her 3 sons also pre-deceasing her, was buried in a potters field possibly due to the fact that it was 1937 and I would guess that money for such luxuries as gravestones was probably not plentiful.

I then took a drive over to Louden Park Cemetery where I was able to find the resting place of her son, my great-granduncle, Charles Quick, b November 11, 1889, d February 16, 1955 according to his death certificate. This was a huge cemetery, but very well marked and the person at the desk gave me very good instructions. I found Charles almost immediately. I looked around for a little bit and found some other Quicks as well. Now I just need to work on identifying them and figuring out how everyone "fits together.

Isn't that the most fun part of a research trip - coming back with even MORE questions than you started with!!


  1. I agree it is fun to come back with more questions and planning where to search next!

  2. Hi Diana! I too have Quick family members from Virginia. Not my direct line so I've not researched in depth. It would be interesting to compare notes on them sometime. John E. Quick b. 1884 in VA was an Uncle, his father's name was Armistead (spelling could be off).


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