Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordy Wednesday ~ On the Path to Maryland

Since I find it so difficult to be “wordless” in my Wednesday contributions, I decided to start a new tradition, “Wordy Wednesday." I couldn't agree more!!]

People who follow me on Twitter might know that I recently found out I will be going to Maryland in August. I vaguely knew that I had ancestors in Maryland, but I've never worked on that line. About my only real hint was a line in my Grandpa Quick's baby book which states, "Baby left Denver with his mother on Jan. 21st 1913 to visit his Grandma Quick in Baltimore Md." I've been frantically trying to figure out what I might want to look for while I am there and have been searching census records and trying to work out some likely leads. A big thanks to Michael Hait for giving me a quick crash course in Maryland records and where I might best find them!

So, all those words are leading up to my choice of a picture for "Wordy Wednesday". This is Nelle EICKELBERG and her second husband John H QUICK taken in Denver around 1910. It is John's line - the QUICKS - that I am hoping to find more about when I visit Maryland. I thought I would feature his picture here to give me some inspiration.


  1. Oops - I forgot to do my "Wordy Wednesday" this week! Love the picture- the satiny-looking blouse is very eye-catching. By the way, Maryland is right next door to Virginia...

  2. Hi Great ~ Thanks for the comment...yes, my great-grandmother was always quite "stylish"! BTW, I'll be in Virginia as well - Orkney Springs, VA. :-)

  3. Good luck with your records search. Take lots of pictures...have fun too.

  4. If you will be going to the Maryland State Archives on a Saturday, let me know - I'd love to meet you in person.


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