Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family Events ~ July 26 - 31

July 26th ~ is marked by the death, at the age of 88, of my Grandpa, Jack H QUICK, in Hamilton, Ohio.

July 27th ~ in 1830 Annis Mae GALLOWAY the 3x great-grandmother of my sister's husband was born in Tennessee.

July 30th
~ in 1809 my 3x great-grandfather, David RITCHIE is christened in Dairsie, Fife, Scotland. This day is also marked by the birth of my uncle, also David RITCHIE, in Wayne County, Ohio.

July 31st ~ in 1888 the above mentioned Annis GALLOWAY would die in Hempstead County, Arkansas. For a great picture of Annis and her gravestone, visit her page on Find-A-Grave.


  1. You have done a beautiful tribute to your grandfather.

  2. I agree with Janet this is really nice.

  3. Thanks!! I did that as a scrapbook layout (digital.) It's better full size, but I wanted to put it on here because I couldn't decided on just one picture.


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