Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Record of the Jacob Zaugg Family

 As I've been working on the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge, most of my posts seem to send me right to the bottom of Amy Johnson Crow's list.  Of course this is understandable since she very helpfully alphabetizes the list and I seem stuck on writing about my ZAUGG ancestors.  

I've mention the "Zaugg book", as I like to call it, several times so I thought today I'd step back a little bit and write about the book itself.  It will also help me plan future posts.  Up to this point I've been pretty random about which Zauggs I choose.

This booklet is something that came to me from my Grandma Ritchie [Lela Saurer] through her mother, Ella Graber.  Ella's mother was a Zaugg - Emma.  I've written about Emma previously in this challenge.

It was fairly tattered even when I first saw it as a youngster.  When it came into my possession I decided that I needed to do something so that I could both refer to it as necessary and also keep it from falling apart any further.  I'm sure this will make some of my friends gasp in horror, but I decided to take it apart.  It was a cheaply constructed pamphlet held together by rusting staples.  It was easy to very gently remove those staples and simple put each page in an appropriately archival page protector.  Now I can flip through it and lay the pages flat without small flakes chipping off the pages. 

As for my posts, I thought I'd circle back and do a post about Jacob Sr and then run through the children I haven't yet posted about in birth order.  I've already posted about Lizzie and also Jacob, Jr since he is my direct ancestor.  So, up for this week will be Jacob (Sr).

Since by "this week" I mean TODAY, I guess this had better be my first priority tonight.


  1. Wow so you aren't tagging some of the most important ppl when you post and now I'm having to make up on my reading! But I'm all for you "saving" the Zaugg's book the way you did:)

    1. Sorry, I was only tagging you in the 52 Weeks posts, but from now on I'll tag you in EVERYTHING!!


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