Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordy Wednesday ~ Canadians in the US Civil War

I haven't posted much (OK, anything) about my brother-in-law's family, but I decided these pictures were too good to pass up. The picture of the 2 Civil War soldiers is "George Keefer and friend." [George being the man on the right] That picture, along with the newspaper clipping are framed together. I do know that my brother-in-law's maternal grandfather was also named George Keefer but I have not been able to tie that George Keefer to this one or to the rather famous Keefer's of Thorold, Ontario. Of course I haven't really tried yet, but just saying...

The thing that I find so interesting about this picture and the next is the striking resemblance to my brother-in-law! Really remarkable. Clearly a relative, and according to family lore a direct one, but I haven't yet pieced it all together.

So, George A Keefer, who are you??

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