Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Events ~ August 16 - 22

August 16th ~ On this day in 1807, Robert RITCHIE, my 3x great-granduncle is baptized in Dairsie, Fife, Scotland.

August 18th ~ This day in 1905 is marked by the death of Mary Victoria ROSS, the reported 2x great-grandmother of my brother-in-law in Jonesboro, Jackson Parish, Louisiana.

Even more importantly, on this day in 1957 my parents, Donald John RITCHIE and Jacqulin Ann QUICK are married in Hamilton, Ohio.

HAPPY 52nd Anniversary Mom & Dad!!

August 20 ~ This day in 1890 is marked by the death of Anna Barbara BARTCHEY, my 3x great-grandmother, in Wayne County, Ohio. She is pictured here with her husband, Jacob ZAUGG, Jr. Whenever I see this picture I can hear my Grandpa Ritchie say, "Those Zauggs were BIG women." I fight against those genes everyday! [Yes, I realize she was not born a Zaugg, but that's what Grandpa always said.]

Finding her gravestone was a great story - think I'll start working on that for this week's Tombstone Tuesday!!


  1. I wish I could blame this body on my ancestors.

  2. I really do live reading these posts! I'm learning so much about my only hope is that there won't be a test some day.


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