Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordy Wednesday ~ Dad Naturally

Since I find it so difficult to be “wordless” in my Wednesday contributions, I decided to start a new tradition, “Wordy Wednesday." Well, Greta, I'm jumping on that bandwagon starting now!!]

Since this is Father's Day week - Wordy Wednesday is devoted to a few pictures of my Dad.

This is the earliest picture I have of my Dad. He would be about 6 mo old. I remember asking my Grandma Ritchie more than once if this was REALLY Dad, because that sure looks like a pink sweater - but Grandma said it was Dad, and she would be the best one to know that!

Dad in the traditional "child on pony" picture. That hat is something else! I haven't yet found out where this picture might have been taken. My Dad's family lived in Cleveland until he was around 12. His maternal grandparents lived on a farm near Apple Creek so I've always thought this picture might have been taken on a visit to the farm. I'll have to see if Dad knows the answer when I see him this Sunday.

This is the earliest formal portrait of Dad. He is the younger of the two boys ~ and the cutest! I don't know how they were able to get both boys to sit there long enough to take the picture, and I'm even more curious about how they managed to keep Dad from falling over.

Finally a picture that I featured in a previous Wordless Wednesday, but it's so priceless I'm posting it again. Also, it's my baby sister's favorite picture of Dad.

Poor little "Donnie" can't even keep his head up, but he's waving to the adoring crowds ~ way to go Dad!!


  1. Poor Dad. Are you guys picking on him. Too funny and I can see why you couldn't keep wordless on these.

  2. Hey Lori ~
    Of COURSE we pick on Dad - teasing is something we LEARNED from Dad!!!

  3. Love the pink sweater! I have a snapshot of my Dad on a pony somewhere too! Happy Father's Day with your Dad!

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photographs of your father. I hope you have a special day with him on Sunday.

  5. He was such a cute baby and little kid; you are so lucky to have pictures of him at those ages. And I'm happy to see someone else who has the same problems I do with being "wordless"!

  6. I agree with you and Greta! It's kind of silly to expect bloggers to not use words on any day! However, I managed to keep my words to a minimum this week [I had to post a title for goodness sakes]. I love these pictures of your father. I think I could get "lost" looking at old photographs...Thank you for sharing!



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