Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Relative of the Week

[In truly "random" fashion I am posting this on Monday instead of Sunday...but as the postcard itself says, better late than never!]

I believe this rather intense looking child could possibly be Edna GRABER born 18 Jul 1891 in Apple Creek, Ohio and died 27 Sept 1965.

The picture is on the front of a postcard that Edna sent to her sister, my great-grandmother, Ella GRABER SAURER.

The postcard is postmarked Apr 22 1913 and reads as follows:

"Dear Sister: Well how are you making it by this time? Did you mind what I told you about getting up before your birthday. I came pretty near forgetting about it until now. but they always say better late than never. How is the little girl have you named her yet. I suppose you will not know this picture it's not very good but I thought I would send it any way Don't forget to ansr. I Remain Your Sister, Edna"

Edna would have been married by this time and living in Rittman, Ohio. I don't believe that the picture would be of one of her children however, as the picture seems too old.

Oh, and the unnamed "little girl" would be my grandmother, Lela Mable SAURER, born March 21, 1913.

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  1. I love how people used to close their letters: "I remain your sister". That is wonderful! I enjoyed reading your post, Diana!


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