Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Events ~ February 22 - 28

Something that I am shamelessly stealing from Julie over at GenBlog is this idea of showing what events happened during the coming week in my family history. Thanks Julie!!

David Washington RITCHIE - my grandfather was born on February 22, 1908 in Cleveland, Ohio. His middle name was due to the fact that he was born on Washington's birthday.

VENETTE - my [step] great-grandmother died on February 22, 1923 in Boulder, Colorado.

- [potentially] my 7x great-grandmother died on February 24, 1747 in Eggiwill, Berne, Switzerland


  1. Nice post, Diana! Copy all the great ideas you can find---I do!

  2. I love your blog's facelift, Diana! And it's fun to read the timeline as it pertains to your own relatives. Good job.

  3. By the way, I meant to mention that I appreciate your following my latest blog, Tennessee Memories. I saw you there a while ago.

  4. I too thought this was a great idea! Since I won't be the only 'stealer' I think I'll try also. Maybe I'll change it up a bit - I really like a timeline idea, it also makes us "touch" our files in areas that we may not have looked for a while.


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